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Decin's town festival

In the month of May, Decin erupts in a flurry of activity when the Mestske Slavnosti town festival is on.

Tyrs Festival

The 2020 Tyrs Festival honoring the Decin-born co-founder of the Sokol movement. An expanded program covers two weekends and includes events originally scheduled for Decin's town festival in May.

Sneznik cinema/movie theater

Sneznik is an old-fashioned big-screen movie theater fitted with the newest technologies.

Summer 2020 program

This summer will be packed with great events, bringing relief after a long and quiet spring when we couldn’t gather in numbers. The program will be updated as it develops.

2020 tourist season kick-off

Join us to kick off the tourist season in Decin with games, sports, good food and music, and entertainment for the whole family.

Christmas 2020

Due to government measures put in place to address the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s holiday season will be decidedly different. Some seasonal events will take place in a different format than usual. Watch this page for more information.

Wood carving festival

Decin’s wood carving festival in the castle park is quickly becoming a local tradition. You can look forward to a great program and good food. The event takes place every May as part of the town festival.

Municipal theater

Decin’s municipal theater presents a broad repertoire of productions (plays, operetta, ballet, concerts) presented by traveling companies.

Municipal library

Decin’s municipal library is housed in a new building, designed with the reader in mind.